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SUM Rector Ivan Lobanov: ‘We have switched to effective distance learning modes’

In light of the emergency measures designed by the Working Group of the Ministry of Education and Science, an expert webinar ‘Distance Learning Formats at Universities’ for heads of universities was held, where Rector of the State University of Management Ivan Lobanov demonstrated SUM’s experience in transitioning to a distance mode of education for more than 500 representatives of Russian universities.

The State University of Management was one of the first universities to pioneer the distance learning format. During the webinar, Ivan Lobanov shared the effective practices of transferring the university to a virtual environment.

‘We use our own platform with personal accounts of both teachers and students. Teaching materials, lecture notes and assignments are uploaded to these online resources. We also use third-party material and platforms. The academic disciplines have combined our own online courses, ELS and lectures from the world’s leading universities, which have recently become available. In this way, we have moved towards effective distance learning formats,’

said Ivan Lobanov in his presentation.

‘Universities having to go online is the most urgent issue now. More than 60 million students study remotely and 85 million other students can be integrated into this format. To ensure seamless integration into the virtual environment, universities need to learn the practices of educational organisations and processes tested by innovative universities.’

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