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Submission of Applications for the ‘Reforms in Russia and Management Problems 2020’ Conference

The State University of Management invites you to participate in the ‘Reforms in Russia and Management Problems 2020’ 35th All-Russian scientific conference of young scientists.

On 22 May 2020 SUM will host the 35th All-Russian scientific conference ‘Reforms in Russia and Management Problems 2020’. Young scientists of higher educational institutions and scientific organisations of the Russian Federation (masters, postgraduates etc) are invited to present their work on major management problems in Russia and worldwide at the online event.  

The topic of your report should fall within one of the six categories:

  1. Marketing technologies, brand management and advertising
  2. Organisational, managerial, political and legal aspects of public authorities’ work
  3. Virtual reality: economics and finance
  4. Development of industries in today’s environment
  5. Management problems in business and social communications: reforms and risks
  6. Digital transformation of management: problems and solutions.

To apply, please, follow the link and register. You also need to submit an abstract of your report to the person responsible for the chosen category. Submissions must be sent electronically (MS Word document) by 6pm (Moscow time) on 18 May 2020. 

You can find more information about the event and a contact email address in the information message.

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