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Congratulations to Ivan Voronin on winning the ‘Growth Point’ competition

Student of the State University of Management Ivan Voronin came third in the 5th All-Russia Essay Competition ‘Growth Point’ (‘Tochka Rosta’).

Ivan Voronin, a first-year student of the Institute of Management and Law, came third in the ‘Image of the Federal Anti-monopoly Service among the Youth’ at the 5th All-Russia Essay Competition, ‘Growth Point’. The competition was organised by the Federal Anti-monopoly Service for undergraduate and graduate students.

‘For my essay, “The image of the Federal Anti-monopoly Service among the Youth”, I conducted an empirical study of how the youth perceives the Russian Federal Anti-monopoly Service as a questionnaire. Out of 30 survey participants of different age, only 8 turned out to have a positive perspective on the Federal Anti-monopoly Service. I also summarised the results and made a conclusion on the activities of the service. I am very happy to have won this competition and acclaim from the judges. I would also like to thank my research advisor, professor Vladimir Volokh, who helped me prepare the essay,’

said Ivan Voronin.

The main goal of the competition is to attract the attention of young adults to the matters of competition law and the need to develop and protect a competitive environment for further development of the national economy.

‘Congratulations to all winners of the competition. We wish you all successful studies, interesting and memorable events, new achievements and picking your professional path,’ Irina Kashunina, Head of the Communications Department of the Federal Anti-monopoly Service, congratulated the finalists.

A total of 522 essays from students of 84 universities of Russia were submitted for the ‘Growth Point’ competition. Only 34 participants received diplomas for winning 10 different nominations.

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