1.Can foreign students enter Russia?

Currently, foreign students are not allowed to enter the Russian Federation.


2.When will the borders be opened for international students?

The date of opening of the border is determined by the Government of the Russian Federation


3.Should I get a new visa to enter Russia if my current visa has expired?

If you are abroad, you will need to receive a new invitation to get a new visa to enter the Russian Federation.


4.How can I go home if the border is closed?

You need to wait for the official information about the resumption of crossing borders or use existing routes through other countries.


5.Will invitations be sent foreign students after lifting the ban on enter the Russian Federation if their visas are expired?

If your visa is expired, then after the ban on entering the Russian Federation is lifted, you will need to contact the external relations Department to get an invitation.


6.Can I renew my registration?

If you are in Russia, your visa and registration are automatically renewed for another 185 days after the date of expire, starting from September 15, 2020.


7.Is it Possible to change the type of visa if students want to continue their studies and cannot enter and return due to the closure of the border?

At present, there is no such possibility.


8.Do foreign students have the right to find employment if their visa expires on August 1?

If a foreign citizen does not have a study visa and is not studying at a University, then they do not have such an opportunity.


9.Is there a possibility of employment of foreign citizens?

If foreign citizens have a study visa, they have the right to get a job.


10.Is it possible to move to a rented apartment while living in a hostel?

If so, with whom should I contact for this issue?

You can move to a rented apartment, but you must notify the University and register for a new place of residence (in the rented apartment).


11.Is it necessary to be quarantined when coming to Russia if you have the results for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies?

Any foreign citizen who comes to Russia must pass a two-week quarantine according to the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, regardless of whether they have antibodies, a certificate or have already had a coronavirus.


12.Does a foreign student need to stay in 14-day isolation if they come from another region of Russia?



13.Is it possible to extend or issue foreign passports to foreign students in the Russian Federation?

The issue of new passports or their renewal is the prerogative of each state, consular and diplomatic institutions.


14.Have the requirements for the insurance policy changed?

At the moment, no.


15.Does the insurance of foreign students cover testing and treatment for coronavirus?

Treatment for coronavirus refers to emergency care (hospitalization). Treatment does not require compensation.