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Railway Workers of the World, Unite with SUM!

The State University of Management is developing its partnership with Russian Railways. The university’s experts are to implement the action plan of the ‘Reconstruction and Construction of Technological and Municipal Facilities’ and ‘Modernisation and Construction of Heat and Water Supply Facilities Using Funding from Foreign Investors’ investment projects.

The project is being implemented by the SUM Centre for Interindustry Innovation Projects (SUM CIIP), which is acting as subcontractor. During the course of the collaboration, university experts will carry out:

  • Design work for the reconstruction and construction of technological and municipal facilities as part of the ‘Reconstruction of the Ulyanovsk Central Boiler Station’ project.
  • Design and survey work for the ‘Construction of a Gas Boiler House at the TCh-8 Depot of the Kirov Train Station’ and ‘Technical Re-equipment of Treatment Facilities at the TCh Depots of the Kirov Station’ projects as part of the ‘Reconstruction and Construction of Technological and Municipal Facilities’ programme.

This collaboration demonstrates the high quality of innovative solutions implemented in SUM CIIP’s projects. Russian Railways is recognised as a corporation of systemic importance to Russia, and our joint work reaffirms the high regard for the Centre’s activities in the design, construction and automation of block-modular and emergency boiler houses. Collaboration between Russian companies and experts aimed at developing safe and reliable high-quality products is the only way to achieve the import substitution goal set by the government,

– noted the SUM CIIP team.

SUM CIIP actively cooperates with the university’s research departments, in particular SUM’s ‘Digital Economy and High Technologies’ project laboratory, which brings together young scientists and students interested in taking part in research activities and projects.

The project laboratory has launched a platform for developing pilot projects as part of its cooperation with the Moscow Agency of Innovations. This provides SUM students with full access to the university’s activities, which allows them to directly participate in project assessment and gain new competencies that will be useful in the preparation of their graduation theses and future monetisation of their ideas and developments. The educational process at the university works in tandem with the development of consortiums that unite scientific and educational organisations with members of the business community.

Modern realities, technologies and challenges require a new approach to the development programmes of universities. A key challenge is to ensure the practical applicability of the knowledge, competencies, products and services the university can generate through its educational process and scientific activities. The State University of Management supports the Academic Leadership Strategy Programme. All modern universities in the country should be united in a single Russian innovation ecosystem and be open to cooperation and collaboration. The State University of Management develops and implements mechanisms aimed at facilitating cooperation with enterprises in real sectors of the economy, as well as at improving Russia’s economic potential through the introduction of project education practices. SUM nurtures competencies in the fields of innovative idea generation and project acceleration. At the same time, a distinctive feature of the university is that a significant number of its projects are created as a result of student graduation theses,

– remarked SUM Rector Ivan Lobanov to Scienpolicy.

Source: Scienpolicy Telegram channel

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