(English language-program)

Course and course code

Management 38.04.02


Masters degree



Target audience

Persons with higher education, planning to carry out professional activities in accordance with the specified field of training in: organizations, institutions and companies operating in international markets, carrying out direct foreign investments, having representative offices, branches, subsidiaries and joint ventures abroad as well as carrying out international commercial operations

Education program objectives

  • The program aims to develop cultural universal (general academic, socio- personal, instrumental) and professional competences in accordance with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standards of Higher Education in the specified field of training.
  • The program provides training for a new generation of graduates in the following fields of organizational management and analytical economic activity:
  • management of international commercial operations;
  • planning activities of organization and its divisional units, including foreign ones;
  • formation of the organizational management framework of the international company;
  • elaboration and implementation of projects, aimed at the development of the international company;
  • activities control of foreign divisional units;
  • organization of international business activities;
  • creation and maintenance of databases on various performance indicators of international companies;
  • evaluation of international projects’ effectiveness;
  • evaluation of management decisions’ effectiveness in the context of globalization and integration of activities;
  • development of new business abroad

Program director

Chudnovsky Alexey Danilovich, doctor of Economics, Professor, honored worker of higher school of the Russian Federation, honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, full member of the

Russian Academy of natural Sciences and the National Academy of tourism

Primary factors of education program competitiveness

  • The graduate Chair has been training specialists in the field of management since 1997, which indicates the following competitive advantages of the program: quality of education services; comfortable learning environment; innovative teaching methods;
  • Entrepreneurship in the field of international business currently demonstrates high growth rates and good potential;
  • Ample opportunities for application of graduates’ professional abilities in: state bodies, regulating foreign economic activities; analytical, financial, marketing, logistics departments of Russian and international companies, corporations and organizations; consulting companies in the field of international business and finance;
  • Education in the field of international business grants lucrative opportunities to gain practical skills and solid theoretical basis for the development of own business and successful career in large international companies.


Education program implementation notes

  • Possibility to graduate on-line from Master degree programs under Global University System;
  • Teaching subjects in English;
  • Focus on the competence approach to the determination of learning content; ensuring balance of competencies – professional and «supra- professional» (mastering a foreign language, information technology, communicative skills, etc.);
  • Practice-oriented education, formation of practical skills and abilities sufficient to carry out professional activities as a manager or specialist in the field of international business management;
  • Variety of educational technologies, wide application of interactive technologies;
  • High percentage of interactive classroom work (case study, business and role-playing games, brainstorming, roundtables, etc.);
  • Involvement of practitioners in teaching profile subjects;
  • Professional knowledge, gained by the students, will be put to the test during the implementation of research projects, presentation of research results at scientific seminars, participation in the research, carried out by teachers of the Department «International Business Management and Tourism Industry»

Professional subjects

  • International monetary, financial and credit relations
  • International business and business process reengineering
  • Crisis management of an international company
  • International standards and quality systems
  • Innovative business: international and national aspects
  • Structure of international trade
  • International intellectual property markets
  • Tariff regulation in the context of world economy globalization
  • Customs services in global supply chain
  • Financial and investment management in international business
  • Mechanisms of international market regulation
  • Integration and globalization of international business, etc.



Graduate employment



Middle and senior management positions in state bodies, regulating foreign economic activities; analytical, financial, marketing, logistics departments of Russian and international companies, corporations and organizations;

consulting companies in the field of international business and finance

Business partners

  • International association of universities Global University System;
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation;
  • The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • The World Trade Centre;
  • PJCS Sberbank;
  • PJCS VTB Bank;
  • JCS Citibank Russia;
  • JCS Tinkoff Bank;
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers;
  • KPMG;
  • Ernst & Youn;
  • The Procter & Gamble Company;
  • The Coca-Cola Company;
  • Nestle;
  • Novartis Pharma;
  • Bayer AG;
  • Leroy Merlin, etc.

Required documents

Passport, educational qualifications, medical certificates and their notarized

Russian translation

Term of studies Two years (September 2020 – June 2022)
Cost of education

300,000 rubles per year

Deadline for the submission

3 July – 12 August 2020