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Innovative Curricula

The mission of the State University of Management is to build a modern multi-tiered system of continuous learning.

Future Economy and  Artificial Intelligence in  Management

Strategic Goals of Research Activities at SUM: implementation of digital technologies in  industry, energy and  transport; big data in marketing; legal regulation of digital economy; latest financial technologies; development of professional competencies for future economy; IT in management

First Managerial

The academic buildings of SUM populate a single compact campus. The compound boasts a dormitory, an athletic complex, a swimming pool, recreational spaces and a car park.

Here at SUM, we focus on four strategic areas: digital economy; industry management; state and municipal administration; reinforcing the bonds between school, students, University and employers.

Ivan Lobanov, Rector of SUM

About the Rector

Global Strategic Cooperation

Internationalisation is a strategic area of the university's development vector. SUM cooperates with leading foreign universities. Thanks to academic mobility and the export of educational services, the State University of Management has become an effective platform for researchers, teachers and lecturers from all over the world. Our international activities are aimed at bolstering the authority and competitiveness of Russian higher education.


of graduates proceed to work
in their degree field


partner institutions abroad


international companies are the University partners

Student Life, Sports, Creativity

SUM provides ample resources to develop one's athletic and creative abilities. Students are welcome to leverage dozens of opportunities student life provides, from the information agency to the international club.